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  1. Our privacy policy is where we describe how we deal with your personal information. Our company believes that the user's personal information should be kept under high privacy and should never be publicly shared without the user's prior consent. Any personal information you provide us with during your registration on our site is considered merely a belonging of the user and can not be used without their authorization. Our privacy policy also provides you with all the available choices that you have regarding how we use your personal information, and how you can access and edit it.
  2. Usually, OWOODS collects simple personal information from you such as your mobile number, bank account number, your phone ID and model, etc. We also collect information about your preferences (especially marketing preferences) so we could recommend apps that would interest you. We also collect information regarding the frequency of your use and download of any of our application to determine your account activity. Sometimes, we collect location data as well. It is a must to provide us with your contact information such as phone number, mail address, etc. As a normal regulation of almost all websites, we usually collect information about your PC or Mobile device, IP address, details about your ISP, etc. We also detect any connections problems that you face when using our site to enhance your experience here. Your information may also be reinforced by information that you share publicly on any other website.
  3. Now, you're probably wondering how we use this information. We usually use this information to send you the money you earn to your bank account in return for using the apps, to recommend apps that match your preferences and to verify your account.On occasions, we also use this information to email you recommended apps, manage your account, supply you with newsletters, provide you with suitable information for communication, send you offers and promotions, ask you to answer some surveys to tell us about your experience with our service, etc. We may also give you an idea of some apps that are out of your preference zone every once in a while, in case you want to step into a new experience.
  4. In case you don't want to receive our promotions our newsletters anymore, you can choose the option to stop receiving them. The unsubscribe steps will be a part of every email we send you. To restrict the use of your personal information, you have several options. First, you may want to be careful when filling any form for any app of what information you want to disclose and what information you don't want to. Some of these forms could also include an option through which you can choose that your information shall not be used in any commercial or marketing way.
  5. We provide you continuous access to your information and you are free to edit it at almost any time. However, you must know that updating or deleting such information doesn't always mean that we will immediately make these changes on our system. Some of the service that we provide could give you more privacy options than we mentioned here, which is a plus.
  6. In case you once agree that an app may use your personal info for marketing purposes, it is not permanent and you're free to change that at any time. If you were required to provide us any information about a third party, this information will only be used for the particular purpose that it was needed for.

Our terms of service could be stated as follows:

User privacy is a priority in our company. The main belief of our company, as stated earlier, is that the personal information of the user is a property of the user and the user alone. The company doesn't have the right to disclose any of the user's personal information without their prior consent. You can check our privacy policy to learn more about how we offer services, collect your information and how and when we disclose such information.

Only individuals above 15 years of age can use our site. If your age is less than 15, you're not allowed to use our services in any way. You're not allowed to give us any personal information or to register on our site on any given condition.

In some countries or states, a guardians consent must be given if you're still considered a minor below the applicable age for being a major in that country. If you live under such jurisdiction, you might have to deliver us this consent in any way while registering for our services.

Registering to our site and services is a guarantee from you that you are of age under your jurisdiction or that you have your guardians consent to register (if required).

You are only allowed to access our service for your personal non commercial use. In case you use our services content which includes any text, image, design, logo, icon, audio or video, client's basic information, code of software or any such content, which also includes any type of alteration and use of such content, any modification, publication, sale or recreation of such content you will be banned from the use of such services and may face legal issues. Any use of such content in a competitive way against our company is strongly prohibited and will put you at risk of facing a company representative in a court of law.

Our company's contact info provided on our site is merely for user's hep and may not, under any circumstances, be used to unauthorized actions, such as publication or marketing. You also agree not to try, in any way, to disrupt the smooth working way of our site or to use any software to damage its content. You also agree not to use any technique or software for extracting any user's personal information. Here, you agree that you will not cause any harm to the site in any possible way.

Protection of your accounts password is merely your responsibility. Our company holds no responsibility in the case of your disclosure of your password to any other individual. You are also responsible to log out of your account before anyone else uses your device and any problems that occur due to your failure to do so are your mere responsibility. This means that your are completely responsible for any action, statement or activity done through your account, regardless of any circumstances. The company is entitled to believe that any communication made through your account is made by you

You, or anyone else using your account, cannot use any property of the site for any purpose without the site's written consent.

The information that is present on our site may not be accurate, complete or reliable. Most of the materials available on our site are for general purposes only.

The Company is not, under any condition, responsible for the reliability of such information. You should not rely on any of this information for decision making. It's would considered a step taken on your own risk if you decide to consider any of such information as accurate or reliable. The Company, as stated earlier, can modify the terms of service frequently but is not expected to modify all the system information.

If you live in India, payments will be sent to your local bank account directly. However, if you live anywhere else, we will send you payments through PayPal worldwide. However, you must acknowledge that if you have any problems with your PayPal account or if it is hacked, our Company holds no responsibility for that whatsoever.

Any post or personal information you submit to our service and grant it access to such info is your own responsibility. You are responsible for the fact that such posts or information are to be legal, reliable, copyrighted, unique and appropriate.

Our Company is not, in any way, responsible for any type of post of information or any other material that you decide to share publicly on the site. You are not allowed to publicly share any confidential, false, inappropriate, illegal, unreliable, fraudulent, threatening, right violating, politically related, spam or any such inappropriate material to our service.

You are not allowed to use any false information on our site or impersonate anyone. You are not allowed to publish any content related to any person without their prior consent.

Agreeing to or terms of service means that you give our company the full, unrestricted right to publish, modify, distribute or use any uploaded material in any possible way, unless stated otherwise.

There is no refund for user if they paid for premium membership

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