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Terms Of Services

Terms Of Services

  1. Although updated from one time to another, our Terms of Service basics remain constant overtime. These terms apply to each and every user and advertiser seeking our services. They include everything related to OWOODS as the applications, website, any OWOODS mobile app, any page or subdomain related to our site, any product or service provided by us and any information provided on our site in general. Our "Services" basically refers to everything included on our website as products, applications, softwares and all services included within the above, without any limitations. Any "our", "us" or "we" refers to our company (CompanyName). Any "Content" mentioned refers to all forms of content as text, pictures, contact numbers or any type of information that you get to access through our websites pages.
  2. OWOODS is mainly built on the vision that user's personal details are highly confidential and are not a property of our company. These details are merely the property of their owners. However, if the user chooses to share their details, it would be very beneficial to them.
  3. Occasionally, we collect your informations based on the applications you downloaded to recommend ones that may interest you and to make your overall experience a much better one. This also provides you with more opportunities to gain more money.
  4. We deliver all our services, including everything on our site, to our users provided that they understand and accept our terms of use and policies. Once you start using our services, it means that you have read our terms of use thoroughly and that you agree to them and will abide to all the laws mentioned here. The first time you access our website or start using our services, our terms of service will be presented to you so you would know what you're agreeing to.
  5. You must check these terms of use frequently to notice if any change was to happen. This is because our company holds the right to modify or change these rules and laws at any time for any reason. However, we will always send or post a notice that states the changes that happened in our terms of service. After that, continuing to use our site automatically means that you agree to the changes and updates that took place. In case of having any objections to the new modifications or updates to the terms of service or having a problem in abiding by any of them, you're no longer entitled to use our service, or to gain access to it.
  6. In case any of our terms of service is violated, you may be sent a warning that your use of our services may be suspended. This means that you should comprehend that the violation of any of our rules could mean that you will be terminated from our website (this could be without a reason or prior notice as well) and will no longer be able to use any of our services under any circumstances. This, however, has no effect on the fact that the company is still entitled to certain rights at law or equity.

The following are the terms of service that apply to every advertiser using our services:

There are a lot of things that could result in your application being labeled "Prohibited". Any applications that promote, market, publicize or facilitate any form of illegal products, services or activities will be banned immediately.

Such illegal products include, but are not restricted to, illegal prescriptions, drugs or any unsafe product. They also include any form of fire arms such as guns, shotguns, revolvers, etc. All forms of ammunition or explosives are also considered prohibited content. Any adult content is not allowed (except for contraceptives).

Your applications should not include, in themselves or in included advertisements, any type of copyright infringement, plagiarism, right violations or and other for of violations or insults to a third party.

Any adult content, including all forms of nudity, explicit content, sexual depictions and any sexually provocative content is prohibited. Gore and violent content are also considered inappropriate material.

Any content that insults anyone personally as depictions or written forms of racial discrimination, sexual inequality, ethnic comments, insults to religions, insults to any sexual orientations, insults to any form of disability or medical condition will be considered inappropriate content and may result in suspension of your account.

Any form of false of fraudulent content including false offers, products or identities will result in your account's suspension.

Any content that is related to any political controversies or campaigning for commercial objectives is considered a violation to our terms of service

Any form of landing pages that could block the user from navigating out of the page is considered a violation to our policies.

Most importantly, any form of spyware or malware that accompanies your application is considered a violation to our terms of service.

Content that is subject to certain rules and regulations either applied by our service or government include the following:

  • Applications that may include advertisements for alcohols must first abide the laws that are provided by the government in that particular area.
  • Applications that include, in themselves or in included ads, any dating ads should be first authorized by our site.
  • State Lotteries: lotteries that are authorized by the state are allowed to be used on condition that they abide the laws of that jurisdiction in which they will be displayed.
  • Ads for any pharmacies should first be accepted by our site.

Your app must be relevant to the service or product you're offering. Any ads included within your app should be relevant to the target users. Besides that, your apps must be of high accuracy. It must represent your company, service or any form of material that you're offering to the user. In case you have landing pages, the landing page must be related to the product or service that your ad provides.

If any advertiser decides to charge back their credit card or PayPal account through disputes, our company has the full authority to take legal actions against the advertising company, and possibly suspend their account.

Your applications (and any ads contained within it) should never imply any sort of partnership or endorsement with our company as we are not responsible for any content that you share. If this rule has been violated, you will immediately be subject to legal actions against you.

All landing pages are never allowed to use any copyrighted material from our website or any type of trademarks, logos, design, frames or formats related to our website. In case of violation, it will be considered an act of copyright infringement and you will face legal disputes. Any modifications to such copyright materials prior to publications will also be considered a case of copyright infringement, if done without our prior consent and authorization.

Any type of data collected from you during your registration procedure on our website is protected and will be shared with anyone prior to your consent. However, you're obliged to make sure that your ISP protects any information you share with us or we share with you and considers it confidential. Our company is not responsible, under any circumstance, for any information disclosed by your ISP.

Our refund policy states the conditions under which our company is entitled to refund money to its users. Any "We" refers to our company and its affiliates and any "You" refers to our clients either users or advertisers. Please read our policy carefully to be acknowledged of your financial rights and obligations towards our company.

To prevent any future disputes, we state the conditions under which any user or advertiser is entitled to a refund from our company.

We update our policies from time to time. You're responsible for reading our policies frequently to know if any changes were to happen.

For users, you can not receive, under any conditions, a refund for premium membership upgrade.

For all advertisers, there are a few conditions under which you may receive a refund.

  1. Please read the following condition carefully and thoroughly before you choose to advertise through our site. We would like you to know that our company strives to give you a better experience all the time. Therefore, we would like you to help us by abiding by our laws and regulations.
  2. A refund could only be requested as per the guidelines of our refund policy. Otherwise, our company is not entitled to send you a refund, under any condition, unless stated otherwise.
  3. For advertisers and app developers, our company can only refund your money in full amount under the condition that your request to publish your ad or application hasn't been processed yet. If your request is being or has been processed, you cannot request a refund under any circumstances. Once your request is being processed, you're entitled to pay the complete funds.
  4. The refund request takes about 2 weeks to be processed bu our company. However, additional time may be added for your credit card company. Our company is not responsible for any delay caused by your credit card company.
  5. You must understand the fact that our company guarantees that your app and ads will be published and viewed by the right category of target audience and will be introduced to many others. However, our company does not, under any condition, guarantee their success. Therefore, you are liable to payment for the services that our company provides to you irregardless of the reactions and responses that our app faces.
  6. In case you cancel your account on our website while it still has credit, it will be refunded to you, given that you have no pending billings to our website or to the users.
  7. No refund is taken from any app user on our platform. If there is any dispute, you can send it to us for assistance.
  8. To sum it up, the only condition that our website can guarantee refunds for advertisers is if your request is yet to be processed by us. Once the procession process starts, no refund requests are accepted and you're entitled to pay the full invoice amount.

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